Plein Air Painting


Why do we do it?........The Immediacy, The Challenge, and the Reward

Painting on site instills in your mind all the feelings about the particular location.....the time of day, the smells in the air, the temperature, the sounds, the feel of the breeze on your skin, and many other subtleties.

The biggest challenge is learning to deal with the environment. The light changes quickly, so you have to work within a time limit. You also have to consider the weight of your supplies, if you're hiking, weather conditions, insects, wild animals and humans.
Some of my pieces actually contain some of the environment that I was working in....bits of stuff in the air, beach sand, and, in one case at least, the remains of a swarm of midges that flew smack into my painting.

(That was the day I decided to carry tweezers in my box.)

The reward for facing and overcoming these challenges, is a certain freshness to the work, and the "better than photograph" reminder of the places you've been, and what drew you to paint them in the first place.


Why Buy Original Art?


Something Unique

 When you purchase a piece of original art, you are getting something totally unique that no one else in the whole world has. This artwork was created by a human being, at a certain time in history that will never occur again. The moment of time captured on canvas, can inspire conversation, speculation, reminiscing, and ideas. It can also change your mood, lift your spirit, and give you many hours of visual enjoyment.


Enrich Your Life

 When you buy a piece of original artwork for your home or office, you are enriching your life and the lives of all who come into that environment.


At work, a beautiful painting can be a place for your eyes to rest while your mind is being inspired. On the other hand, a colorful, exciting piece can add energy and excitement to your workplace.


At home, a great piece of original art can be the focal point of a room, adding character, warmth and a touch of humanity. Collections of smaller pieces can be interesting and wonderful, inspiring conversation, memories and even emotions. The personality of any room can totally change for the better with the addition of artwork. Original art will add a positive effect to any space and to your life.

Great Conversation  Starter

There is usually a story behind every piece of art, and most artists are more that willing to tell. You can meet artists and see their work at the many local art fairs, tours, walks, crawls, artist-run galleries, art clubs, and professional gallery receptions. Many artists will also see you by appointment.  If you get a chance to meet the artist in person, it will definitely enhance the enjoyment and experience of owning artwork created by that person.


Good Value

Most professional artists take pride in their work and do their best to use quality materials that will stand the test of time. When the piece is of good quality, it could become a family treasure traveling through generations and providing many years of enjoyment .


What Is Your Art Style?


You may enjoy many styles of art and fitting them into your environment can sometimes be a challenge. Consider the space.


Quiet Living Spaces. Impressionism is perfect for this kind of space. Impressionist art tends to be vague in detail, inviting the viewer to fill in those details with their own creative imagination. When you are so engaged, it is very meditative and restorative. There are many different styles of impressionism from classic to modern.


Active Living Spaces. A Great abstract may be the perfect fit for this space. Abstract work is all about emotions, or feelings, and not about things. When choosing an abstract piece, remember it's not about understanding the art, but it is about understanding how it makes you feel when you look at it. For example, a colorful, lively piece can make you feel energetic and excited. whereas a black & white piece might make you feel calm, but focused.



There are many other style choices. If you buy a piece that you love, knowing how it affects you can help you to find the perfect place for it in your home or work space.


Exploring Original Art



When you are looking for art for your home or office, take the opportunity to explore the rich and textural qualities of original works.



When you get up close to oil paintings, for example, you can see the brush strokes, the buttery texture of the paint and the varied colour mixes that comes directly from the artist's pallet to the canvas. Watercolours have a quiet beauty of their own, with transparent and opaque colours, fine lines, where wet paint meets dry areas, and blended pigments and sediments. Even the paper is interesting. You can see all of this if you get up close.



There is much opportunity to explore original art in our local area. Along with a handful of galleries, the community has come together, offering artists space in restaurants, offices, hospitals and more. There are also local Studio Tours and outdoor festivals.



Original art can give you many years of visual enjoyment. Explore, discover, make it yours!